College moves into new home–finally

After several delays and more than month in a building with no heat or ventilation, Confederation College was to have started the move into its new home in the “multi-use” facility late this afternoon.
Campus manager Don Lovisa said the move will take place over the next couple of evenings and the weekend, with the computer labs being moved first.
“It’s a really big sigh of relief, not only for myself but also for my staff and our students,” Lovisa said.
The college originally was supposed to occupy its part of the “multi-use” facility Sept. 12. Construction delays pushed that back to Sept. 26, and even then, more changes to the interior of the building had to be done before the college would move in.
“We had some of the painting redone and some of the masonry touched up,” Lovisa said. “And we were also waiting for some millwork.”
The college also had some discussions as to who would be paying for the touch-up work done at the site but Lovisa said everything has been settled now.
“All negotiations have been complete and all the work is done,” he said. “I was in it this morning and it was complete.
“The new building even has heat,” he laughed.
All classes, except for the computer courses, will continue running during the move so students will have to endure the “less-than-ideal conditions” of the old area for the next couple of days, Lovisa said.
“We’ve got enough little electric heaters running now to keep us warm enough,” he noted. “We’ve got furniture assembled up and down our hallways that have been ready to go in the new building for a month.”
Lovisa said everything should be moved in by the college’s grand opening, which is slated next Thursday (Oct. 22) at 4:30 p.m.
That doesn’t leave staff much time to get settled into their new home but Lovisa seemed to be too excited to actually be moving into the building to mind.
“We’re just looking forward to sense of permanence,” he said. “Things are done and things look very nice.”