College move completed in time for grand opening

They’re still unpacking boxes and putting up blackboards but for all intents and purposes, the local Confederation College campus finally has a permanent home.
And they’re ready to celebrate!
The college will hold its grand opening tomorrow, complete with a ribbon-cutting at 4:30 p.m., just one week after moving into its own section of the “multi-use” facility.
“We’re going to cut the ribbon on Thursday and just open the doors and let people come through,” noted campus manager Don Lovisa, who strongly urged the public to check out the new facility.
The grand opening also will be attended by a large number of the college’s top brass, including president Roy Murray and the board of governors.
“Between the board of governors and the senior people out of Thunder Bay, we have about 25 people representing the college in town at the same time we do this,” Lovisa said.
A new road has been built off McIrvine Road to allow access to the college without interfering with construction on the rest of the “multi-use” facility.
Lovisa said it still will take another couple of weeks to finish off the smaller details, such as lockers, corkboards, and the new sign.
“But we have heat, we have ventilation, and we have a nice clean environment,” he enthused, things which were lacking for the past several weeks while the college was still housed in the old Westfort building.
“We’re moved, we’re in here, classes have started,” he added. “We’re just at the point of doing all the little finishing touches.”
Still, the fact the college has moved into its own building hasn’t really sunk in, Lovisa said, noting “it’s been a long wait.”
“I’ve been with the college now for almost 13 years and as long as I’ve been with the college, we’ve been talking about having a permanent facility,” he said. “We absolutely thrilled.
“I think the college [building] is going to do a lot to finally have a permanent identity in Fort Frances,” Lovisa remarked. “This is a sign of permanence in this community, which I’m hoping will translate into increased enrolment.”
People will be allowed to tour the new college facility on their own after the ribbon-cutting to see what it has to offer. Lovisa hopes people come out and have a look.
“It’s very nice,” he said. “We’re pleased with it. And we’re looking forward to showing it off.”