‘Code of Conduct’ up for approval

What is acceptable behavior and what is not is the basis for the provincial “Code of Conduct” introduced last year.
Tonight, the Rainy River District School Board will vote to approve its mandated “code” at its regular meeting, which is being held at Rainy River High School this month.
“This is a requirement under the Safe Schools Act. Now, we’re right in line with the legislation,” Education Director Warren Hoshizaki said this morning.
“We want consistency across the system,” he added.
While the code applies not only to students, but to parents or guardians, volunteers, teachers, and other staff, the mandatory consequences section is where misbehaving students will see administration take direct action.
For example, a student will be immediately suspended for swearing at a teacher, being in possession of alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol.
Immediate suspension also will be the minimum penalty faced by a student for uttering a threat to inflict serious bodily harm, possessing illegal drugs, or committing an act of vandalism to school property.
Police will be involved, and the student will suspended and proceed to an expulsion hearing, for possessing a weapon, trafficking in drugs or weapons, sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm requiring professional medical treatment, robbery, providing alcohol to minors, or using a weapon to cause bodily harm or threaten such harm.
Hoshizaki noted individual schools may make amendments to some parts of their own Code of Conduct, if necessary. “But quite a lot of the components of both [the code and the Safe Schools Act] are in legislation, so they’re set,” he said.
The board’s “code” was established over the past 18 months by a committee consisting of Gord McCabe (who will speak at tonight’s meeting), Leslie Barr Kellar, Judy Eluik, Sharleen Hanson, Warren Hoshizaki, Rhonda Jesse, Donna Kowlachuk, Terry Ogden, and Kendall Olsen, as well as the OPP.
A copy of the complete code is available at the board office here.
Also tonight, the board will receive a presentation from Superintendent of Education Terry Ellwood on grade three and six assessments of reading, writing, and mathematics.
Education Quality and Accountability Office’s tests were taken back in the spring, with the board receiving the results Friday.
In other business, the board will:
•hear school profiles of McCrossen-Tovell and Riverview Schools, and Rainy River High School—all of which will receive Recognitions of Excellence;
•receive a report of what improvement district schools have made over the 2000-01 school year;
•look at the November personnel report, which includes the appointment of two educational assistants, a leave of absence for an educational assistant, and a resignation of an educational assistant;
•consider approving a tender for videoconferencing equipment in the amount of $29,583.75;
•receive a report by the school closure committee, including a recommendation to appoint Cam Howard and Sue Fletcher to represent the Sixth Street School community; and
•acknowledge correspondence dating from Sept. 17-Oct. 23.