CN still waiting on approval certificate

CN still needs a final blessing from the province on its certificate of approval to bring the diesel fuel cleanup project up to full speed, council was told Monday night.
The town was informed through a progress report, dated Nov. 15, by CN environmental engineer Harri Liivamagi.
CN dug three trenches around Central Avenue and Fourth Street West to clean up diesel fuel which had leached into the soil from CN’s property over several years.
Liivamagi said the final plumbing connections on the system were done a week before his letter was written. He also noted oil skimmers were slated to have been tested on site last Monday, and will continue to be tested throughout the month..
Liivamagi said the certificate of approval would state the conditions as to how CN’s “remediation system” can proceed.
“One of the conditions is that water for the oil-water separator can be discharged to the storm sewer system,” he remarked, noting right now, the sumps have been pumping the groundwater being discharged from the trenches into the town’s sanitary sewers.
“This will allow for higher pumping rates than are currently in place,” he explained.
All three sump pumps are equipped with float switches, though the ones in two of the trenches are set on timers, pumping only from 9 p.m.-6 a.m. so as not to overload the sanitary sewer systems.
“The fuel is accumulating on the sumps,” Liivamagi said, noting pumping began Oct. 16. “No diesel is being discharged to the sanitary sewer as the sumps are not being pumped to their very bottoms.”
Council seemed quite pleased with Liivamagi’s report. Coun. Dave Bourgeault, chair for the committee of the whole, said the letter seemed very straightforward.
“A copy of this should be [sent] to all the individuals affected by this contamination,” he noted.