Clothing exchange still taking donations


Donations are rolling in for the “Swap Till You Drop” clothing exchange to be held next Wednesday (April 24) at the Fort Frances Museum.
But there’s still time to take part.
The public can turn in gently-worn women’s and men’s clothes at the museum in exchange for tokens to get “like-new clothing” donated by others.
Clothes can be dropped off anytime between 11 a.m.-4 p.m. today and tomorrow, as well as next Tuesday and Wednesday. But the sooner the donations can come in, the better.
The actual exchange will take place Wednesday from 5-8 p.m.
“We’ve gotten quite a few drop-offs so far,” noted organizer Samantha Manty.
“We’re still looking for more people to drop off,” she added. “Hopefully, we’ll get a little bit more.
“But there’s a good selection so far. A lot of different shoes and scarves and clothing and things like that.”
Manty said the clothing exchange should be fun.
“It’s supposed to feel almost like you’re shopping when you’re there,” she explained.
“You’re supposed to be able to exchange something for something that you really like.
“When we open the museum upstairs, it’s going to look kind of like a store,” Manty added. “So everything will be organized—shirts together, dresses together, scarves together, that kind of thing.
“It should be almost like a little store when people come in.”
The clothing exchange ties into Earth Day (April 22) by promoting sustainability—in other words, it’s much better for people to reuse clothes they may have outgrown or simply don’t need than throw them away.
Any clothing not claimed as part of the swap will be donated to the Canadian Diabetes Association’s “Clothesline” program.
“So if there’s anything left over, it will be going to a good cause,” Manty said.
She clarified the swap is for women’s and men’s clothing only, not children’s.
This is because people without children might be dropping off women’s or men’s clothing, but wouldn’t necessarily want children’s clothing in return.
“When everything gets picked over, there might be nothing left but children’s clothing,” Manty reasoned.
Restricting it to adult clothing, “there should be more choice for people to get what they like,” she added, noting that from experience, clothing swaps either are one or the other (i.e., adults only or children only).
For more info, call 274-7891.