Clock ticking on abattoir project

Area residents who want to see an abattoir built in Rainy River District have six days to raise at least $200,000 or else the project dies.
The final decision will be made next Tuesday when the abattoir steering committee meets at 7:30 p.m. in the Sturgeon Creek school gym.
If enough interest–and cash–is generated by local investors, a board of directors will be chosen to continue on with the abattoir business plan.
Some pledges were turned in at the first abattoir meeting last week but no one knows exactly how much money has been pledged towards the project.
Gary Sliworsky, the Ag and Rural Rep with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in Emo, said a couple have been mailed or dropped off to his office but not many.
“Most of them seem to be going to the directors instead of here,” he said, adding he wasn’t going to open any of mailed in pledges until the April 7 meeting.
Steering committee member Ralph Hunsperger agreed pledges probably are sort of “scattered about” different members. He and his wife have collected about $15,000 worth so far but he believed the deciding amount will happen Tuesday.
“How many are going to hand in their pledges Tuesday night?” Hunsperger asked. “It’s going to depend if a bunch of these guys who came to the meeting pledge $5,000 or one or two [thousand].”
“On Tuesday, I want to see $300,000 in pledges or $100,000,” Sliworsky said. “Very clear cut. I’d like to see it really strong.”
Interested investors can mail in their pledges to the abattoir steering committee c/o Box 210, Emo, Ont., P0W 1E0 (no cash or cheque is required at this time).
Shares in the project are being sold for $1,000.