Classroom learning comes to life

Press Release

Schools throughout the Rainy River District School Board hosted special activities and events to celebrate Education Week (May 7-11).
On Friday, students from Fort Frances High School gained valuable experience and bringing their classroom learning to life by planting 70 large maple trees on the school’s property.
This project connects classroom learning across the curriculum to the real world.
Students learned about environmental sustainability, the importance of planting trees, and how to plant a tree through presentations provided by David May, Stewardship Co-ordinator for the MNR here.
The geotechnologies class developed a planting map using GPS units to mark the tree locations.
Students employed collaboration and literacy skills while taking an active part in planting the trees.
Groups of students also will have the opportunity to adopt and name a tree to create a sense of project ownership and to foster a stewardship ethic.
Subsequently, the curriculum will involve assignments that monitor the growth and health of the trees over time.
Many partners have contributed to this significant project. It is a living investment in the community and creates a better learning environment for students.
Trees clean the air, provide shade and wind protection, provide habitat for a variety of species, and help slow down climate change.
“It’s great for us to be involved in this project, and help bring the other partners together,” said MNR Fort Frances District manager Greg Chapman.
“It’s projects like these that help raise youth awareness of the value of the natural environment we are all privileged to enjoy here.”
“We are proud to be working on this project with the Stewardship Council and appreciate the support of our community partners, who are helping us to create teaching opportunities and a lasting legacy for hundreds of students in years to come,” said Fort High teacher Natasha Shack.
Supportive learning environments, built by partnerships between parents and community organizations, inspire excellence among learners and educators.