Citizen of the Year nominations closing tomorrow

Ken Kellar
Staff Writer

Time is running out to nominate the Citizen of the Year.

At last week’s council meeting, Councillor Mike Behan reminded the public that there are only a few short days left to submit nominations for the annual honour.

“As a member of the citizen of the year committee, I just want to remind residents that the deadline for nominations for the 33rd annual Citizen of the Year award is quickly approaching,” Behan said.

“If you know of a Fort Frances resident who has made a positive contribution towards the wellbeing of our community and its citizens, please take a moment to nominate him or her for this prestigious award.”

The Citizen of the year award is given out each year to an exceptional member of the public who is recognized for the work they do that makes the town a better place to live. Nominees must be a citizen of the town of Fort Frances, and should be considered for their excellence in volunteering their time to service clubs, school groups, town, church or community committees without financial or personal compensation.

The nomination forms are available online at the town of Fort Frances website, or in person at the Civic Centre. The public are reminded that an appointment is required in order to pick up and drop off nomination forms at the Civic Centre due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

The deadline for submitting the applications is this Thursday, October 22 at 4 p.m., which means you must act quickly if you feel there is a deserving individual who has not yet been recognized for their hard work.

“Please act today to nominate that special person you know who has done an outstanding job for our community,” Behan stressed.

“In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be great news to award our Citizen of the Year, so we’d love to see lots of nominations as a committee.”

According to town of Fort Frances deputy clerk Kathy Lawson, no nominations have been submitted as of Monday, October 19, though she notes that there has been “some interest to date.”

Once the nomination period has closed, the Citizen of the Year committee will meet to discuss all submitted individuals and will announce the Citizen of the Year at a later council meeting.

Last year’s Citizen of the Year award was given to Joy Lockman for her volunteer work at the “Loaves and Fishes” soup kitchen at the New Beginnings Fellowship, in addition to other volunteer work.

Other past recipients include Cynthia Donald (2018), Evelyn Metke (2017), Ruth Caldwell (2016), Larry Patrick (2015), Dr. Brian Johnstone (2014), Florence Hill and Jane McLeod (2013), Ken Christiansen (2012), Nick Wihnan (2011), Joyce Cunningham (2010), Diane Maxey (2009), Linda Hamilton (2008), Dr. Bob Lidkea (2007), June Keddie (2006), Patti-Jo Reid (2005), Joyce Gosselin (2004), and John Dutton (2003).

Other honourees have included Jean and Lin Boileau (2002), John McTaggart (2001), Bill Gushulak (2000), Jim Cumming (1999), Walter Horban (1998), Terry Ogden (1997), Gord McTaggart (1996), Pastor Earl Swanson (1995), Mark Kowalchuk (1994), Dr. Audrey Johnstone (1993), George Wood (1992), Jean Scheirer (1991), Florence and Woody Gray (1990), Albert McKelvie (1989), and Dede Mallory (1988).

Anyone with further questions or who needs more information can contact Lawson at 274-5323 ext. 1212 or by e-mail at