Church pleased property has sold

After many months on the market, the Calvary Tabernacle Church on Butler Avenue has been sold and the congregation will be moving out shortly.
“We’re out of here at the end of the month. Everybody’s pretty excited about that,” said Pastor Stephen Laing.
He explained the property had been for sale for some time, but the congregation was getting discouraged by the lack of offers.
“For several years, we’d been trying to sell this place and relocate.
Finally we said, ‘OK, God, if you want us to sell this place, then you do it,’” Pastor Laing laughed.
Within a week, they received an offer. “That’s pretty neat how that happened,” he said.
Pastor Laing noted that while there is nothing wrong with the building, it is not ideally suited to their purposes. “It’s the least visible place in town,” he said.
The church plans to build a new building on land in a more conspicuous area of town. They are waiting for the town to approve the rezoning and hope to begin building this spring.
“We may well be in it by November,” Pastor Laing said. “It’ll be nice to have something more functional.”
The congregation is hoping to build a church that will house their various programs, including study groups, help groups, children’s ministry, and a Christian school.
“The building shapes the congregation, so if you have something that allows you to dream, then the sky’s the limit,” he noted.
“Our goal is to make it the Father’s house,” he added. “We’ve tried to get away from the institutional- style church.
“We want to connect with the heavenly Father. You don’t find that in institutions. You find that in relationships,” Pastor Laing stressed.
In the meantime, the congregation at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has agreed to share their facilities with the people from Calvary Tabernacle until their new building is ready.
“We really are grateful,” said Pastor Laing. “It’s nice to be able to do that and not have to rent a school or something like that. It’s nice to be able to get together with people of similar interest.”^Calvary Tabernacle will hold its first service at St. Andrew’s on Victoria Avenue next Sunday (Feb.
The party that purchased the property on Butler Avenue did not wish to comment at this time.