Church celebrates ‘community of faith’

It was a chance to see how far they’ve come on their journey of faith as Our Lady of Lourdes Church wrapped up its 50th-anniversary celebration on the weekend.
And as congregation members noted, it allowed them to look back over the rich history of their family and friends who made the church community what it is today.
“My whole family was hanging up there,” said Edna Lockhart, looking at the photos hanging around the room. “This was our whole community, our whole life. Our parents and grandparents were the first people who built this community.”
“It was just wonderful,” echoed Norma Jourdain, who was taken back in time as she looked over pictures of the 100-year-old cemetery. “I remember planting flowers in the cemetery as a child.”
An outdoor mass Sunday, dedicated to the church and its long-standing community, drew a large number to worship. After a traditional smudge ceremony performed by Bessie Mainville, Father Lorne MacDonald, who left for British Columbia on Monday, spoke his last sermon for the church. Father Ed Kosa, the church’s new pastor, also made an appearance.
“What we are celebrating here is not only the 100th anniversary of the holy ground where our relatives lie, or the 50th anniversary of this building. What we are really celebrating is the community of faith that keeps us together,” Father MacDonald pointed out.
Following the service, the children played several fun games, including a scavenger hunt, and a “dress-up” race. Dan Bird kept the little ones “in line.”
In the meantime, the church kitchen served up a delicious fish fry dinner to the many in attendance. Given the abundant spread prepared, including wild rice, corn, baked beans, and coleslaw, nobody left the dinner hungry.
“It was excellent,” Lockhart said of the celebration. “It brings our community back together to learn about. . .ties, relationships. The organizers did an excellent job and should be congratulated.”