Church basement being converted into haunted house for Hallowe’en

Sam Odrowski

Attention fright seekers! The Knox United Church basement here is being converted into the ultimate haunted house during the days leading up to Hallowe’en.
And the brave souls who dare to walk through can expect to be thoroughly startled from start to finish.
“Frightening you is the ultimate goal of our haunted house and I think we’ll provide that,” said event organizer Joyce McCormick.
Slated to run on Oct. 27 and again from Oct. 29-31 from 6-9 p.m., Fort Frances Little Theatre is inviting fearless individuals to pay a visit.
“It will be many little nooks and crannies of good scares,” noted McCormick.
“You won’t know what to expect.”
Admission is $7 per person or $20 for a family of four, and those who take the tour through the haunted house are going to get a good bang for their buck, she added.
Kids who are 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult due to the scariness of the event.
“When we did the other ones [in the past], some parents brought their children and we have no problem if they’re accompanied by an adult,” McCormick remarked.
“They know what they’re willing to let them see.”
Two years ago, many adults and teens were absolutely horrified by the haunted house that took place at the Fine Line Art Gallery here–and this year’s is slated to be even scarier, McCormick noted.
Knox United Church is much larger than the art gallery, with many different sections, rooms, and hallways to turn into scare zones.
“We were in a fairly small place before–this has got way more scare factor,” McCormick enthused.
This haunted house has been in the planning stages for a long time and is expected to be the best one yet, she added.
While Hallowe’en is fun for most people, others don’t enjoy the holiday at all and McCormick would like to remind everyone that this haunted house isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.
“We certainly are not doing this to offend anybody,” she stressed. “We’re doing it to have fun and to give the people of Fort Frances an opportunity to go out.”
The haunted house held in 2016 saw about 400 people go through it and McCormick is hopeful this year’s will draw similar numbers.
“If we could get 450 people or if we got 350, I’d be happy but I’m hoping we’re going to get more,” she said.
“I would encourage people to come out,” McCormick continued. “This is for anybody who loves Hallowe’en and thinks that they can’t be frightened or have the bejesus scared out of them.
“I challenge them to come and walk through our haunted house.”
She’s also thankful to Knox United for allowing the ladies from Fort Frances Little Theatre to utilize the space for their haunted house event.
“The church is very supportive,” McCormick lauded. “So a big thank you to them for allowing us to do this.”
She also is encouraging anyone who might be interested in playing a scary role, or volunteering at the haunted house, to contact her at 274-7517.