Christmas tree pick-up slated Jan. 12

While the festive season may not be over for many yet, the Fort Frances Fire Department and Fire Brigade wants local residents to know they’re once again going to be picking up Christmas trees the week after next.
“We’re going to do the pick-up on the afternoon of Jan. 12,” firefighter Dave Crichton said this morning.
“Make sure your trees are easily identified,” he stressed.
“Sometimes, people have a white plastic wrap on the tree, which is fine,” he added. “But make sure that you rip part of it open so we can easily see the tree inside, especially if there’s been some snowfall since you’ve put the tree out.”
Crews likely will begin the pick-up sometime before 2 p.m. that day.
And once again, residents who have their trees picked up are encouraged to give a donation to the fire department, either by giving it to firefighters doing the pick-up, leaving it in their mail box, or going directly to the fire department.
Last year, the firefighters donated about $1,000 in pick-up proceeds to Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s “Care Close to Home” campaign.
“I’m not sure if we have any designated charity right now but it always goes to a good cause,” noted Crichton.
If you have any more questions about the Christmas tree pick-up, call the fire department at 274-9841.
In related news, the Fort Frances Fire Department reported no serious fire-related incidents over the past week. It only had to attend incidents as part of the tiered-response system along with police and ambulance.