Christmas tree pick-up slated for Jan. 12

If they haven’t already, local residents can plan to put their Christmas trees out on the curb next week as the Fort Frances Fire Brigade will hold its annual tree pick-up on Jan. 12—the first Saturday following Ukrainian Christmas.
The tree pick-up—a tradition started here years ago by the now-defunct Jaycees—is not only a community service of sorts, but also a fire safety measure.
While members of the brigade actually do the pick-up, which usually starts around 2 p.m., a number of local businesses lend trucks, trailers, and other equipment to make the transportation and destruction of the trees possible.
Most of the trees are shredded and taken to the local landfill. But in the past, some have been brought to the airport and Rusty Myers Flying Service to use to mark runways during the winter months.
Residents are urged to make sure their Christmas trees are easily identifiable. If they are wrapped in plastic, for instance, make sure you rip part of the covering open so the tree inside can be seen.
In the case of any heavy snowfall, make sure the tree is at least partially visible in the snow bank.
Once again, residents who have their trees picked up are encouraged to give a donation to the fire department, either by giving it to firefighters doing the collecting, leaving it in their mail box, or dropping it off at the fire hall.
The fire department is asking people to not attach donations directly to the trees, as some residents have done in the past, because they may not be seen and accidentally disposed of with the tree.
Proceeds go to a local charitable cause, which in the past have included the Riverside Foundation for Health Care, “David’s Deli,” the “Risk Watch” fire safety program, and the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau’s community Christmas dinner.