Christmas kettle campaign kicking off next

A red kettle you can see from a block away, and the familiar jingling of bells, once again will be part of the holiday season here as the local Salvation Army launches its Christmas kettle campaign next Wednesday.
“We’ll be doing it for 10 days, like we’ve done in the past,” Capt. Eric Alcock said Thursday morning, adding the schedule is Dec. 11-14, 18-21, and 23-24.
Capt. Alcock noted plenty of volunteers have been lined up to man the kettles, including new organizations and individuals who have never done it before.
“This year, we’ll have more coverage because of that,” he remarked. “Last year, there was times when a spot where a kettle should have been had no one to man it.”
Capt. Alcock stressed the kettle campaign, along with the Salvation Army’s annual letter appeal sent out to local businesses and service clubs, are significant parts of their effort to ensure families get hampers every Christmas.
Last year’s kettle campaign brought in almost $15,000.
Any business or organization that would like to participate in the Christmas kettle program can call the Salvation Army Citadel at 274-3871 for details.
All groups who participate can join in the challenge to win the “Bell Ringer’s Award,” which goes to the group that not only raises the highest amount of money but also is the most responsible in organizing their kettle time.
Last year’s award went to the Royal Bank staff.