Children’s Complex gets furnace funding

The Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board, after consulting with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, received notice yesterday it is able to provide funding to replace the furnace at the Fort Frances Children’s Complex.
This upgrade, which also covers the installation of carbon monoxide detectors, will be 100 percent funded through the MCSS.
“It’s very good,” Phyllis Kellar, superintendent of the Children’s Complex, said this morning.
“DSSAB helps us out very much in situations like this.”^The funding request was made by Kellar after the heat exchanger in the gas-fired furnace at the Children’s Complex failed last month and a subsequent carbon monoxide leak was detected.
Kellar noted the Children’s Complex currently is warmed by electric heaters, but the town’s Community Services division— with the input of a heating contractor— soon will decide whether to go with a new gas furnace, two smaller gas furnaces, or electrical heating on a permanent basis.
Town council earlier this month agreed to pay $3,263 for electric heaters, and to replace the gas hot water tank, so the Children’s Complex can get by until a more permanent solution was determined.
At that time, council gave the go-ahead to install three fan force electric heaters in the central play area and change area. This allowed for continued use of the main furnace as an air handler only.
The makeup air handlers and air conditioning unit would continue to operate as normal. The gas line was disconnected and capped, and the gas hot water tank was replaced with a 40-gallon electric hot water tank.