Chantal’s her name, cupcakes are her game

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

Chantal Derendorf was never into cupcakes. Now she bakes them for a living.

“I never liked anyone else’s cupcakes,” she said. “Then I started making my own, and I was like, ‘Oh, cupcakes are actually really good.’”

Derendorf started her business, Batter & Cream Baking Co., in the middle of the pandemic.

“Like everyone else, you’re off work, you start messing around with all your hobbies and the things you’ve always wanted to do,” she said. “And I’ve always loved baking.”

It all began when Derendorf made tequila rose cupcakes for a birthday on a whim. That’s when she thought to herself, “This could be a thing.”

She began experimenting with various recipes, and continued fattening up her friends and family. In September 2020, she started a Facebook page, got a business license, and has been going ever since.

Derendorf said she loves “making people’s day a little sweeter.”

“I think my favourite part about doing it is just making people happy and catering to those who don’t necessarily always get to have fun treats,” said Derendorf.

Growing up, she’d avoid birthday cakes — Derendorf is allergic to peanuts and can’t afford to take any risks. Now, by catering to those with allergies, everything she bakes is fully nut free.

But some of the business’s biggest attractions are Derendorf’s crazy flavours. She’ll often turn popular drinks into cupcakes — piña colada and strawberry margarita being some of the most popular.

“I just make wild flavours because I think it’s interesting,” said Derendorf. “It’s different.”

She said she finds inspiration from Pinterest, grocery shopping, or even the weather. She’ll look at what goes into the flavour she’s trying to recreate, and then uses those ingredients.

Derendorf still makes common flavours like vanilla and chocolate because “everyone loves a classic,” but her personal favourite is chocolate chip cookie dough.

She used to sell her delicious cupcakes exclusively online and at markets, but about a year ago, CC Complex asked her to retail in their store. Since then, Batter & Cream has expanded and now sells out of four storefronts in the District.

Derendorf currently runs the business from home, but she said she’s actively pursuing her goal of having her own location.

She’s been expanding what she bakes as well. She now sells loafs, cookies, squares, snack mixes, and more.

Chantal Derendorf, is the owner and baker behind Batter & Cream Baking Co., a local small business that specializes in cupcakes and other tasty delicacies. Since starting her business in 2020, she has expanded to a few local retail stores like CC Complex on Couchiching First Nation, and is actively pursuing her goal of having her own location. -Submitted photo