Changes made to online service

Press Release

The province recently learned of misuse of the Online Driver’s Licence Address Change service.
As a result, the government temporarily has disabled the online address change function and has launched an investigation.
Ontarians who need to change their driver’s licence address still may go to their nearest ServiceOntario counter or kiosk.
All other online services remain unaffected.
During the past fiscal year, more than 260,000 driver’s licence address change transactions were completed using the Online Address Change service that is available at no cost to users.
The service enables individuals to notify up to three ministries at once of an address change within Ontario—Driver’s Licence Card (Ministry of Transportation), Ontario Health Card (Ministry of Long-Term Care), and Outdoors Card (Ministry of Natural Resources).
ServiceOntario, on behalf of the MTO, processes about 1.8 million address changes every year.