Change in air at Knox United

Press Release

Change is on the way at Knox United Church in Fort Frances.
Easter is a time of year for new beginnings, and the members of Knox are excited about a new beginning to redesign the building to make it accessible.
After extensive consultation with members and community users, it was decided to redesign the entire building, leaving the sanctuary intact.
The goal is to make Knox United Church accessible and to update the mechanical systems.
Council chair Randy DeGagne is pleased by the development.
“Knox United has always been home to a variety of community groups,” he noted. “Whether it’s AA, Sparks, or the Fort Frances Nursery School, it’s a busy place.
“Now we can make sure that there are no barriers for anyone.”
The first step in the process is repairing the weeping tile, and installing a moisture barrier and insulation to correct the moisture problems.
According to property chair Len LaRocque, this will start immediately.
“We have the plans in place to start work right away,” he said.
“Once this is done, we can begin the renovations, including replacing the heat and air exchange systems and installing an elevator or lift.”
Final plans still are being developed for the interior of the building. At a recent congregational meeting, it was decided to use current funds to begin the outside repairs immediately.
The next step is to begin a fundraising campaign.
This is an exciting time for Knox United Church and the enthusiasm for this project can be felt by anyone who has become involved.
Knox United has been a fixture in the community since the mid-1920s and will continue to be active in the community for the long-term.
We encourage anyone who has been part of the Knox family in the past or present, or would like to be part of the future, to join us on this adventure.
All talents are welcome!
Fundraising has begun in earnest so that this project can be completed as soon as possible.
Donations may be made to the Renewal Fund of Knox United Church in Fort Frances.