Chamber’s BR+E project moving right along

The Business Retention & Expansion “red flag” committee met in late December with Community Development Officer Cassandra Parise to help identify any “red flag” issues that local businesses face.
The “red flag” meetings are held to identify business concerns, provide requested information, and facilitate immediate responses to such issues.
Parise reported the success of the BR+E project is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the follow-up activities.
The survey will identify problems, concerns, and opportunities, but it is up to the “red flag” committee to then identify the pressing issues and respond appropriately.
Together with the committee, Parise has prepared fact sheets and information about local programs and resources to promptly assist businesses with “red flag” issues.
At present, she and the committee are responding to urgent business concerns and have sent more than 50 thank you letters to participating businesses.
Parise stated the BR+E program is designed to identify growth and develop opportunities, as well as barriers and challenges that threaten the town’s business community.
It is an opportunity to make a difference to the local economy.
“It is very important that we promote business development and job creation,” stressed Parise. “This was the first of many ‘red flag’ meetings and we are definitely moving forward in the right direction.”