Celtic Arts school preparing for concert

The third-annual Fort Frances School of Celtic Arts is taking place this week, with a wrap-up concert slated here tomorrow evening.
The school is divided into two components: bagpiping classes at Confederation College campus and dance classes at Fort Dance studio.
School director Bruce Lidkea said that students come from as far as Minneapolis and Timmins to take advantage of the opportunity presented.
“A good part of the school teaches students the ultimate goal of being a musician, which is performing,” Lidkea said.
In the past, a drumming component was offered, but there was not enough interest this year to include it in the school.
Piping students range in skill level from an absolute beginner who has never picked up a pipe to other students who are almost ready to compete.
Ian Anderson, from the Toronto Police Pipe Band, is teaching the class this year and he explained that there are many components to the course, such as music theory, one-on-one instruction, and practising for the performances.
Lidkea said that for him the highlight of the week is the top level players who come to teach, such as Anderson.
“The highlight for me will be to listen to Ian play during the performance,” Lidkea said.
Lidkea and Anderson both stressed that the ultimate goal of this school is to promote Celtic arts in all its forms throughout the community.
The school runs all week, and the final performance for both the piping and the dancing courses is tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. at the Townshed Theatre.