Cellphone, battery collection planned


Have unwanted cellphones and batteries you want to get rid of?
Fort High is collecting them from Oct. 17-21 as part of National Waste Reduction Week.
The initiative is being organized by the high school’s “Big Green Committee,” with members of the public able to drop off old cellphones and batteries at the school’s main office from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Car batteries will not be accepted.
The batteries and cellphones then will be sent off to places where the can be recycled, explained Fort High student and BGC member Paige Silver.
“Cellphones have lots of chemicals, gold [and other things in them],” she noted
“And for a mass, if you get a lot of them, you can get lots out of them and reuse it again.”
“And for the batteries, they have acids and mercury that we don’t want in the landfills,” Silver added.
It’s one of many projects the Big Green Committee has been involved with, said Silver, such as having planted trees and plans to get redworm composting up and running at the high school.