Cell phone network gives town big bucks

While Monday night’s public meeting regarding the 2004 budget mainly was a time for residents to voice their concerns, some good news came out of it.
Doug McCaig, chair of Fort Frances Network Services, told council the cell phone provider would be giving the town $350,000 to help with its budget shortfall.
“We are now one year ahead in our repayments to the bank,” noted McCaig, adding the cell phone project owes about $1.45 million.
“Seeing we’re in that position, we thought it would be opportune for us, and beneficial for the citizens of the Town of Fort Frances, that we give to the Town of Fort Frances $350,000 for the next year’s budget,” he said.
“I think this represents eight to nine percent of the tax base.
“We are happy to do this because this affiliate belongs to the town. Eventually, this affiliate will be making money for the town,” McCaig stressed.
“I think it goes without saying it appears the investment into the mobility [cell phone project] was a good investment,” said Mayor Dan Onichuk.
“Hopefully, in a few more years, it will continue,” he added.