CCAC receives large funding hike

A substantial increase in funding this year means the Kenora and Rainy River Community Care Access Centre will be able to put more money into essential programs like acute and chronic home care services.
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced July 9 that it would be providing $73.2 million in new funding to CCACs across the province.
The Kenora and Rainy River CCAC will receive $1,155,847 of that funding.
“It’s really good news,” said executive director Karen Ingebrigtson. “This represents about a 15 percent increase in our base funding.
“It’s wonderful,” she added. “It’s really a recognition of some of the special challenges we face here in the north. We’re thrilled.”
The funding will be used in three key areas: acute home care, end-of-life care, and chronic home care.
Acute home care refers to bringing people home from the hospital sooner, so they can recover at home. “It requires some special services on our part,” Ingebrigtson said.
End-of-life care involves “providing support for families and individuals who are choosing to be at home in those last days,” she explained.
Chronic home care services is offered to “people that will require, over the long term, supports and resources in their home to maintain themselves in their home,” Ingebrigtson noted.
“This is particularly important, especially in communities such as ours where resources are few and facilities to go to are few,” she remarked.
“First of all, one certainly doesn’t want to leave their home—if they can at all help it—for care,” Ingebrigtson said. “Secondly one certainly doesn’t want to be leaving their community.”
While the CCAC already supports these services, the increased funding will help it to expand on those services.
“The whole area of home care is a critical area, especially with our aging population,” Ingebrigtson stressed.
The mission statement of the CCAC is to help people to retain their dignity and remain as independent as possible in their community.
Its responsibility is to provide access to services, information, and referral, as well as case management, service planning, and placement services.