Catholic board to pass budget


The Northwest Catholic District School Board will be looking to approve the 2010-11 budget at its monthly meeting tomorrow morning at Scared Heart School in Sioux Lookout.
The budget forecasts operating revenues and expenditures of $19,630,300—a figure that doesn’t include capital revenue of $673,589 and expenditures of $673,589.
To balance the budget, the board will be looking to transfer $817, 379 from the Classroom Expenditure Deferred Revenue Reserve to revenue.
The 2010-11 budget will see an 18 percent increase in both operating revenues and expenditures of $2,955,289 compared to last year’s budget.
The majority of the increase is due to the inclusion of St. Patrick’s School in Atikokan into the budget, following the school’s amalgamation with the local Catholic board this past year.
As well, the primary increase in cost when it comes to the budget is in the area of salaries and benefits, which have jumped 17 percent ($12,495,334 to $14,631,984).
“Complicating” comparison to budgets from previous years, however, is the fact that this is the first year the budget is being done on a public sector accounting (PSAB) basis.
While the plan is to balance the budget by drawing on the Classroom Expenditure Deferred Revenue Reserve, it’s projected that if the board continues at this rate, the reserve will be depleted by 2013-14.
Also at tomorrow’s meeting, which gets underway at 9:30 a.m., this month’s recognition of excellence will be presented to Sacred Heart School students for several reasons.
These included the Gauss math contest, youth ambassadors, student leadership, and the heritage regional fair.