Catholic board hires math facilitator

Press Release

The Northwest Catholic District School Board is pleased to announce Helen McKay has been appointed to the newly-created mathematics facilitator position.
This September, the Ministry of Education, through the Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat, awarded funding to the Northwest Catholic District School Board to support math instruction for teachers to help them support student learning.
“Our board is grateful to the Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat for providing extra funding to support teacher professional development for mathematics,” said Education Director Mary-Catherine Kelly.
“The board’s EQAO math results have been very good over the last five years,” she added.
“Our students have generally performed at or above the provincial average, with some schools achieving above the ministry targets of 75 percent of students achieving at Level 3 and 4.”
“Our goal is to see these scores continue to climb even higher over the next few years,” noted Superintendent of Education Al Cesiunas.