Catholic board celebrates results

Press Release

The Northwest Catholic District School board is celebrating student achievement with the release of the testing results from Education Quality and Accountability Office.
“The board’s EQAO student achievement results are continuing to shine across our communities,” said Education Director Mary-Catherine Kelly.
“I am extremely pleased with the many highlights and successes we are seeing in our schools.
“What is really exciting for our Catholic board is that we continue to see the progress of our students in our results over a five-year period in both the Grade 3 and Grade 6 students, as well as successful improvements of the same cohorts of students between their Grade 3 to Grade 6 years,” Kelly noted.
“When we look at our board results over time, we have seen improved results for our students achieving Level 3 and 4,” added Superintendent of Education Al Cesiunas.
“For instance, in Grade 3 we have seen an increase of eight percent in reading, 10 percent in writing, and have remained at the same level in mathematics.
“In Grade 6, we have also seen an increase of four percent in reading, 10 percent in writing, and a slight decrease of two percent in mathematics,” he remarked.
Some specific school highlights are to be noted:
•St. Francis School, recognized by the Ministry of Education for being a “School on the Move” due to its continued high achievement scores, has continued to shine with excellent scores of 80 percent in Grade 6 reading, 85 percent in writing, and 76 percent in mathematics;
•St. Patrick’s School in Atikokan achieved terrific Grade 3 results of 80 percent in all three areas of reading, writing, and math;
•St. Michael’s School had 82 percent of its students achieve above the provincial standard in mathematics; and
•Sacred Heart School in Sioux Lookout also met the provincial standards for their Grade 3 students with 69 percent in mathematics while St. Joseph School in Dryden continues to show improvements in Grade 3 reading.
“We are proud to see that the Northwest Catholic District School Board schools continue to show excellent academic standards and achievement,” said board chair Anne-Marie Fitzgerald.
“Our teachers use this data to continually strive to target instruction to best meet the needs of the children in our communities,” she added.