Candidates’ forum set to go


The Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce will host a candidates’ forum and mayoral debate this Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. at the Townshend Theatre, and the public is urged to come on out and hear what they have to say.
Chamber past president Cathy Emes confirmed all the candidates running for mayor and council in Fort Frances will be in attendance.
“The whole Chamber board of directors is looking forward to it,” she told the Times.
“This is about our community; about the way the future will go forward in the next four years,” Emes added.
The format of the free event will be a bit different than in the past.
The eight individuals running for the six councillor seats–Michael Behan, Wendy Brunetta, Clinton Gray, Andrew Hallikas, Harold Huntley, Douglas Judson, John McTaggart, and Rick Wiedenhoeft–each will be given five minutes to talk about why they decided to run for council and what they will bring to the table if elected.
After that, the two mayoral candidates–June Caul and Ken Perry–will have a debate.
The Chamber will pose a series of questions to the two mayoral candidates regarding local issues.
The Chamber executive has come up with questions to ask the mayoral candidates, particularly ones that pertain to the Chamber, its members, and local business in general.
Emes also put out a call to the public in early September for more questions and got a “small response,” she noted.
The Townshend Theatre seats 430 people so there should be ample room for the audience.
“It should be comfortable for the residents to be able to see, hear, and meet the candidates for our upcoming election,” said Emes.