Call out for photos of veterans


The Royal Canadian Legion Br. #29 is looking for photos of those who have served their countries, both past and present.
Two boards currently are on display in one of the rooms at the Legion.
One is filled with photos of servicemen from World War I and II while the other sits somewhat empty, noted Legion member Ed Haglund.
“We’re trying to get ex-servicemen’s photos—heads, shoulders, definitely a uniform, [a] picture in their youth to add to this board,” said Haglund.
He added they’re looking for photos of those who have served from 1946 up to present day, including in Afghanistan.
“There’s no pictures from the Korean War up to date—just two 1961 pictures,” noted Haglund, adding there are more veterans out there.
“Everybody that’s served is a veteran­­—you’d be surprised how many people are veterans,” he remarked, noting this includes many women who were part of the army during the Second World War.
Ideally, the photos would be 2”x3” or less, and include information such as the veteran’s full name, date joined, date released, and trade.
People can submit them to the Legion office, where they can be copied if requested.
Those with photos also can contact Haglund at 274-5541.
For photos that already are in digital format, they can be submitted to the Legion via e-mail at