Businesses urged to show Canadian swagger

Duane Hicks

According to, swagger is defined as: to boast, brag, or show off in a loud, superior manner.
And with Canada Day less than three weeks away, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce is inviting local businesses to show their “Canadian Swagger” by creating a patriotic window display.
Chamber manager Anthony Mason said he got the idea from the Stanley Cup playoffs, where the buzzword was thrown around constantly in discussions over which team had, didn’t have, or had lost (or regained) their “swagger.”
“I thought ‘swagger’ is a new, cool word, and we wanted a half-decent theme, so we went with ‘Show Your Canadian Swagger,’” he explained.
The contest is open to all local businesses, not just those in the downtown area, Mason stressed, adding people should go all out when creating their window displays.
“Just be creative,” he remarked. “It’s really up to them how they want to do it.
“Put it out there.”
The window displays will be judged on Wednesday, June 30.
The top three businesses to show their “Canadian Swagger” will win a prize (these still are being confirmed, but may possibly be free lunch for the staff at the winning businesses).
Mason said any businesses that choose to participate should contact him and let him know via e-mail at
This way, when it comes to judging, no participating businesses will be missed.