Businesses seek input on plan for recycling

With the town currently providing recycling pick-up for residents but not the commercial sector, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the local BIA, is looking for input from its members as to how an “economically favourable” recycling plan for the business community could be implemented.
“Right now, we’re in the preliminary stages,” Chamber president Christine Denby said last week.
“We are seeking input from our membership on non-residential recycling as we prepare our presentation [to council in the new year], in partnership with the BIA,” she added.
“Our Chamber staff and the BIA staff have both been researching non-residential recycling in various communities,” Denby noted. “We also have leads on possible provincial funding for municipalities who recycle.
“We want the town to consider all possible options to make recycling a viable option for the business community, who want to do their part in making Fort Frances ‘green,’” Denby stressed.
“If roadside pick-up isn’t an option, then perhaps drop-off spots,” she suggested. “The other consideration is reducing the amount of waste that goes to the landfills.”
Denby and BIA president Russ Ling have met a few times, and will put together a joint presentation to town council as early in the new year as possible.
“I’ve already received some feedback and look forward to hearing from our membership and others on this issue,” Denby remarked. “I really think it’s the right time for this kind of initiative.”
Area businesses have been asked to contact Denby with ideas or suggestions prior to Jan. 7.
She can be reached at 274-8595 ext. 231 or via-e-mail at