Business mixed at Sorting Gap

Closed earlier today because of the stormy weather, the situation is indicative of how business has been at the Sorting Gap Marina for more than a month.
“It’s like a rollercoaster,” said manager Trevor Hands. “We had a bad spring, or rather, no spring at all. Then we get the storms, and bang, a heat wave.
“I would say business has been slower than usual,” he added. “Since it’s been the same everywhere in the area, I’m thinking people have been shying away from boating.
“Or they’re going elsewhere, where they can actually get under the bridge.”
Hands noted while fewer boats have been gassing up, some die-hards still are launching from there.
While he’s keeping his fingers crossed that the weather shapes up soon and stays that way a while, Hands said the Sorting Gap will see a guaranteed boom in business come the end of the month.
“You bet the bass tournament is going to be good. It’s going to be one crazy week,” he remarked.
Hands reminded the public they’re welcome to stroll by anytime as the Sorting Gap Marina is open daily from 7 a.m.-10 p.m., weather permitting.
Besides the ever-popular hard ice cream, the store at the Sorting Gap also sells coffee, pop, juice, candy, chocolate bars, and most recently, nachos and Town of Fort Frances Centennial t-shirts.