Budget timetable set


The incoming council will be busy right off the bat with the 2019 municipal budget.
The current council approved the timetable for planning out next year’s budget at its regular meeting yesterday evening (held one day later due to the Remembrance Day observance).
The schedule includes a public input meeting slated for Monday, Dec. 10. This will be the first regular meeting of the new council, which will be sworn-in at its inaugural meeting on Dec. 3.
At that time, the public is urged to share its ideas as to what should be in next year’s budget.
Deputy treasurer Dawn Galusha is expected to consolidate the budget by Dec. 21.
In early January, the executive committees will review the information received at the public meeting, as well as the various division budgets and recommendations.
Council will receive a preliminary budget on Jan. 14.
It then will be reviewed in the months to follow by administration and a special committee of the whole, with it tentatively being put to council April 1 for ratification.
A second public meeting then is slated for April 22, at which time the 2018 budget is anticipated to be passed by council.
“Early preparation and planning are critical components of an effective budget process,” Galusha noted in her report.
“The budget timetable provides a logical process and ensures that all information is available when required,” she said.