Budget set to be unveiled


The 2015 town budget will be presented at tonight’s regular council meeting.
Treasurer Laurie Witherspoon will explain the budget process, outline sources of revenue and what the town’s expenses are, as well as compare uncontrollable costs from 2014 with those in 2015.
She also will provide a taxation summary, and what it means to particular assessments in residential and other classes.
As reported last month, this year’s budget includes a residential tax increase of just under two percent.
The purpose of the meeting is to let the public know how the town is financed, how their tax dollars are applied, and what they’re paying for.
Council also will vote tonight on the required bylaws to adopt the budget, authorize capping parameters for the various property classes, and authorize the levy and collection of taxes.
That’s so administration can go ahead and get the final tax bills printed and mailed out.
Tax payments will be due on July 31 and Aug. 31.
Tonight’s agenda also will include a presentation by local resident Carey Basaraba regarding a dog park.
The committee of the whole will meet first at 5:30 p.m., with the regular council meeting to follow.
The agenda also will include:
•a five-year airport facility private hangar lot lease renewal agreement with E. Tetu;
•the awarding of the tender to design and build a storage structure for winter control sand;
•two reports from bylaw enforcement officer Patrick Briere re: the placement of community mail boxes and property matters on Elm Avenue;
•a recommendation re: the “Harmony of Nations” Music Festival requests;
•a recommendation re: the Fort Frances multi-use/tennis court committee;
•a report from Community Services manager Jason Kabel re: caretaker services at Sunny Cove Camp;
•a report re: Tender 15-OF-10 (road reconstruction at Phair Avenue, Nelson Street, and King’s Highway);
•a report re: the opening prayer at council meetings;
•a request to proclaim May 3-9 as “Emergency Preparedness Week” in Fort Frances;
•a request of support from the International Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Festival;
•correspondence from the Canadian Wildlife Federation re: culling of Canada geese here;
•a request re: “Fresh Air Cinema” community opportunity;
•a request to proclaim May 3-9 as “Children’s Mental Health Week” in Fort Frances; and
•a bylaw to authorize a beverage sales agreement with PepsiCo Beverages Canada for purposes of purchase and resale of PBC products at the Memorial Sports Centre.