Brunch helps raise money for ‘chem-free’ grad

There was a buzz of excitement—and the smell of sausages—in the air Wednesday as 140 Grade 12 students at Fort High packed into the school cafeteria for a “chem-free” grad fundraising brunch.
For a $5 ticket, the students enjoyed pancakes, strawberries, whip cream, sausages, and juice—not to mention a chance to get out of their second period classes.
The brunch replaced the traditional barbecue fundraiser the school has held in prior years and Brian Gustafson, a math and accounting teacher who also sits on the grad committee, thinks it may be here to stay.
“It’s new, the brunch, and I think we did very well,” said Gustafson. “I think the hype over the last few days has really built this up. I think we’ve started a good tradition here.”
Students have been fundraising all year for the annual “chem-free” grad party, holding events such as a battle of the bands, selling Canada Safeway coupon books, a cake roulette during the recent trade show, and “tag days.”
They have raised about $5,800 so far while $5,500 has been donated by the community.
The money raised pays for the expenses of the party, which total about $15,000, including a DJ, games, and prizes. The rest of the funds will come from ticket sales, which will begin soon and sell for $15 each, including a T-shirt.
“It’s going well. We’re really, really pleased,” said family studies teacher Joyce Martinson, who also sits on the grad committee. “We’ve had great parent support and great community support, and we really appreciate that.”
Students on the grad decorating committee were happy with the outcome of the brunch—and are excited about the upcoming party
“Everyone just kind of chipped in to help,” said Stephanie Mattson. “We bought our own decorations and everything in the silent auction was donated.”
The “chem-free” party will be held after the graduation ceremony June 23.