Brielmann Agriculture opens new warehouse in Pinewood

Timo Brielmann(r) chats with guests at Brielmann Ag’s new farm supply warehouse just opened in Pinewood, Ontario. This warehouse is specifically designed to provide safe secure storage for agricultural chemicals all subject to strict regulated use and sale to licenced applicators. It will also provide storage for seeds and other farm inputs that are a major component of modern agriculture and help insure our safe food supply in Canada

By Jack Elliott

Rainy River correspondent

On Friday October 29, 2021 Timo and Amos Brielmann welcomed a couple dozen visitors to their new warehouse in Pinewood. Located next to their new grain elevator Pinewood Crop Services Ltd is offering a whole range of crop production inputs including advice, hi tech seed, and agrichemicals.

Representatives from their supplier, Manitoba based Ag Advantage were on hand to discuss want is new for 2022 and the results from this past year’s local corn seed plot trials. The plots at Smart Road west of Pinewood grew eight different varieties of corn with yields ranging from 131.35 to 184.80 bushels per acre in a challenging year where spring frost, drought and insect attacks provided significant challenges to farmers.

The new warehouse is specially designed to provide safe, secure storage for crop input products including seed and agrichemicals. A spill proof floor that will contain liquid pesticides in the event of an accident as well as special ventilation and fire safety elements are built in. These regulations are required to store, sell and distribute agrichemicals in Ontario.

This is an addition to Brielmann Agriculture’s ongoing expansion of their own farming operation and custom farming and professional management services offered to other land owners in the District. This is an important asset to the expansion and future success of agriculture in the Rainy River District say the Brielmanns.