If voted in as a councillor of Emo, I plan on making the township, its bylaws, and its employees accountable to the taxpayer.
I will push for the creation of strict job descriptions and minimum requirements be met for our town employees. I will influence decisions made by council to make economical, attainable, and well-informed decisions aimed at future growth.
As I look around the district and other small communities, I believe we are missing out on huge opportunities to attract new businesses and services. I believe “More Services–Less Taxes” as opposed to “More Tax–Less Services” is the right answer at this time of vast potential growth.
We, as a community, have been very fortunate to have a gold mine very close to us; yet we have not capitalized on attracting residents, commercial business, and industry that should be taken advantage of being the closest full-service community.
Instead, we have lost our emergency room, several health-care services, access to doctors, and our ServiceOntario office. We should be attracting growth with lower tax rates and improving the livability, curb appeal, and services of this great community, rather than pushing away potential tax base.
I am running for the position of councillor because I have strong roots here and high expectations of the town I’ve grown up in. I was one of the last born in Emo’s hospital, have been a resident here my entire life, and own a business in Emo.
My involvement in retail makes me easily accessible and often get approached to discuss current issues residents have.
I am a very strong-minded, vocal individual who will fight to make the town a place for young families, seniors, and all other residents that call Emo home.