Boshcoff to deliver bridge report

Local MP Ken Boshcoff will speak to town council at tonight’s regular meeting, delivering a guide to be used to identify the issues and legislation which must be observed for the purchase and operation of the international bridge here.
“I have had a study done to facilitate the work of any community group that may be struck to investigate the possible acquisition of the international bridge,” Boshcoff wrote in a letter to council.
“I am offering the continued services of myself and my office staff who will remain on-duty during the election period as part of their constituent service obligation,” he added.
“Understanding the magnitude of a decision such as may be made and its potential impacts, I will make myself available on a priority basis, notwithstanding the writ period.”
The report, compiled by BCP Consulting, includes:
•a summary of legislation of acts and responsibilities of the bridge owners on both sides of the border;
•issues affecting Canada Border Services Agency;
•a summary of vehicle bridges and tunnels between Ontario and the United States;
•a history of operation and summary of assets and liabilities; and
•a look at the bridge’s relationship with the Town of Fort Frances.
Another delegation at tonight’s meeting will include one by the Kiwanis skate park committee, which will update council on its planning, review construction costs, inform council as to what Phase 3 of the skate project will entail, and review the overall financing of the project.
The skate park committee also will ask council for its financial, or other, support in the overall completion of the project.
Also tonight, there will be oral reports on division activities from the executive committee chairs.
Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 6:20 p.m. It will be preceded by the committee of the whole, which will meet in-camera briefly from 5:30-5:35 p.m. before resuming in Council Chambers at 5:40.
Other business at tonight’s meeting will include:
•a break-open ticket licence application from the Muskie Touchdown Booster Club;
•a bylaw to approve an amendment to a contract with Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board for the provision of child care services by the town;
•a letter from Legion Br. #29 regarding conservation of the Fort Frances cenotaph;
•a letter from the Township of Chapple requesting the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board revisit the apportionment of townships within the district; and
•a request from the Northwest Catholic District School Board regarding relocating a bus loading zone at St. Michael’s School, and putting up additional signage.