Boshcoff kicks off campaign locally

Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Ken Boshcoff was in Fort Frances last night to speak to supporters about how his campaign will run between now and the Jan. 23 federal election.
“I’m not going to go door-to-door, nor will I send anyone door-to-door, during the holiday season,” Boshcoff pledged, adding his team would not be making phone calls during that period, either.
“Around Dec. 20 we’re going to stop cold until after Jan. 1 or 2,” he remarked.
Boshcoff was speaking to a group of about a dozen supporters and volunteers, who will begin putting up some campaign signs in the near future.
Boshcoff said he believes he has made a name for himself in Rainy River District since being elected in June, 2004, visiting the area, on average, twice a month when the House of Commons is in session and three times a month when it isn’t.
“My view of democracy is it’s one thing to be elected, it’s another thing to be accessible and approachable, and, of course, accountable,” he said. “People have been very welcoming and responsive, very hospitable.”
Boshcoff said he’s had a hand in several projects during the 17 months since the last election, including the national forestry package announced last week, and also has helped move along the abattoir project.
“It’s come further in the last six months than it had in the last six years,” he noted.
He also cited the Morson cell tower project, where final site selection is being done, and a recent letter of thanks from the Township of La Vallee for his aid in getting permission to install traffic lights.
“That’s very gratifying, seeing that kind of progress,” he noted.
In the end, Boshcoff said he has one main vision for the riding.
“The reason I ran is the same reason I’m running so hard now. Economic rejuvenation of our area is the prime goal,” he said.
Boshcoff is running against the same three other main candidates in Russ Aegard (Green Party), David Leskowski (Conservative), and John Rafferty (NDP).