Boil-water advisory issued for Atikokan

The Township of Atikokan will be upgrading its municipal water treatment plant and to ensure the safety of the drinking water while that work is being done, a boil-water advisory was put into effect there yesterday.
A working group, including representatives from the Township of Atikokan, Ministry of the Environment, and the Northwestern Health Unit, has been developed to review the potential short-term impact of the work on the water supply.
It already has deemed that safety of the municipal water cannot be guaranteed during the scheduled plant upgrades.
As a result, all residents who draw or use municipal water from the Township of Atikokan water distribution systems are being asked to boil water for one minute prior to human consumption.
“Human consumption” includes drinking, washing vegetables, brushing teeth, or making coffee, juice, or tea.
It is expected the plant upgrades will be completed within a month, but the boil-water advisory will remain in effect until the safety of the municipal water can be guaranteed.
This boil-water advisory is strictly a preventive measure taken to ensure the health and safety of the area residents, the health unit and Township of Atikokan said in a joint press release yesterday.