Bogus bills circulating


Businesses on both sides of the border are being urged to look out for counterfeit U.S. money making the rounds.
The International Falls Police Department reported several phony American $20 bills have turned up there over the past week.
The lack of certain features (such as security threads and a watermark of a face), along with the bill’s texture (it feels more like paper than real money), differentiates them from real money.
The bills all have the serial number GI53550403A.
Fake $20 bills also have been popping up elsewhere in the U.S. recently.
A Seattle family reported Monday that a couple passed a bogus $20 bill at their daughter’s lemonade stand Sunday afternoon.
On Aug. 12, a woman was arrested after allegedly trying to pass a fake $20 bill in Kingsport, Tenn.
And during the first week of August, fake $20 bills were reported being used at convenience stores in the area of Jackson County, Fla.