Boat parade returning to bass tourney

Press Release

Boston Pizza Fort Frances has announced the “Parade of Boats” will return to the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship for 2010.
Set for the Wednesday night (July 21), Dale and Elizabeth Fortes said Boston Pizza is pleased to sponsor the return of the parade to the week-long festivities.
“We know from living in Fort Frances what an important event it was for the community to watch those boats and fishermen pass through the community,” noted Dale Fortes.
“It helped get the whole community motivated for the balance of the week at the tournament,” he added.
As part of its commitment to the parade, Boston Pizza will sponsor a People’s Choice award valued at $1,000.
Ballots will be handed out by FFCBC volunteers to spectators along the parade route that evening.
People who received ballots can drop them off at either the Boston Pizza restaurant on King’s Highway or at their food booth located in the Memorial Sports Centre as part of the tournament site.
“We are excited to have Boston Pizza as one of our sponsors, and especially pleased that they have agreed to sponsor the ‘Parade of Boats,’” said FFCBC chairman Tom Fry.
“One of the things we heard from the community last year was how much they missed the ‘Parade of Boats’ in 2009,” he noted.
“It is exciting to have this part of the community festival back in place,” Fry enthused.
The winner of the People’s Choice award will be announced prior to the final weigh-in on the Saturday (July 24).
Many of the participants in the parade have made exciting floats from their boats, and most teams also toss out candy and merchandise to spectators along the route.
It is expected upwards of 4,500 people will line the parade route, which will run from the old CN station to the Memorial Sports Centre via Central Avenue and Scott Street.