Board to vote on upping class sizes

The Rainy River District School Board will hold a special meeting here Tuesday to discusses secondary school class size.
“What this is all about is the ministry requires classes sizes at a 21:1 [student to teacher] ratio,” said Laura Mills, the board’s chief financial officer.
“However, there is an exception that we may change this ratio to 22:1 if there is a board resolution drawn up and then passed by trustees,” she added.
Mills noted the board is not expecting any significant changes in enrolment this fall, but wanted to have this policy in place before the school year starts after Labour Day.
“It’s just a precaution,” she said, adding the ministry made for the extra pupil allowance last year but the board found no need to institute it at that time.
“All indications are that we’ll be at a 21:1 ratio again this year,” said Mills, noting the board’s staffing currently is at that ratio.
The meeting, which is expected to be brief, gets underway at 7 p.m. at the board office at Robert Moore School.