Board to vote on renovation, demolition


The Rainy River District School Board is set to approve an architectural services’ proposal for the renovation of the board’s office and demolition of the old Robert Moore School.
With three proposals submitted by architectural firms, the board is looking to accept the one submitted by Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc. for $164,670, plus taxes, at its regular monthly meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at Robert Moore School.
Renovations to the board’s education centre is required since it is attached to the old Robert Moore School, which eventually will be demolished once the new school is built.
The board approved the renovation of the education centre at its May 6, 2008 meeting.
The timeline for the project will see consultants begin work in November, with renovations of the education centre to start next September (also the date when the new Robert Moore School will be opened).
Board staff will be relocated to the old Robert Moore School until they can be moved back into the renovated education centre in June, 2011.
Demolition of the old Robert Moore School is slated for July, 2011.
Also on tonight’s agenda is a presentation on the Advanced Placement program at Fort Frances High School, which allows students to achieve advanced standing in courses at colleges and universities—including an AP program in English for the past several years.
The presentation will highlight a mandatory comprehensive examination which students enrolled in AP English here wrote last spring, and which—in the majority of categories—they achieved higher standards than the overall mean of other students from around the world who also wrote the test.
The board also will present this month’s “Recognition of Excellence” to the recycling project by the environmental club at Robert Moore School.
Another presentation slated tonight will highlight the growth and changes in the board’s use of information technology services over the years.