Board salutes employees, volunteers

Press Release

The Rainy River District School Board announced its 2018 Employees of the Year, Bus Driver of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and Community Partner of the Year at its regular monthly meeting here last Tuesday.
Brooke Caul, secretary at Atikokan High School, and Angela Petsnick, an intermediate teacher at Fort Frances High School, were named Employees of the Year.
Caul was recognized for her helpful, professional, and caring manner when dealing with members of the school community while Petsnick was recognized for always striving to provide engaging learning experiences for her students.
The Bus Driver of the Year award was presented to Terry Newman, who drives for Iron Range Bus Lines.
Newman was noted for demonstrating a concern for safety each day as he navigates the hilly and winding roads on his route, transporting students to Robert Moore School and Fort Frances High School.
Corey Hayes, a parent at Atikokan High School, was named Volunteer of the Year.
Hayes has chaperoned multiple school trips to Toronto and Confederation College, constructed items that were used for fundraising, and drove gear truck for the “Outers” program.
The Community Partner of the Year was Ge-Da-Gi-Binez, a section 23 Youth Facility, which has been a community partner with the Rainy River District School Board for nine years.
The team at Ge-Da-Gi-Binez works hard to provide culturally-relevant opportunities for students, including sweat lodges, wild rice processing, and practising with traditional medicines.
They work closely with an elder to provide teachings to the students in order to help them with their mental health and well-being.
“The triumphs and successes of our students are, by no small measure, due to the support, commitment, and dedication of the staff, community partners, and volunteers in our schools who give of their time, energy, and talent to support a wide variety of student endeavours both inside and outside the classroom,” said board vice-chair Michael Lewis.
“They support and enhance the work of the board,” he added. “Without them, many programs, activities, and events just couldn’t happen.”