Board looking to pass budget


The Rainy River District School Board will be looking to approve its 2010-11 budget at its monthly meeting tonight at Robert Moore School.
The finance committee will be presenting for approval a balanced budget for $46,814,466, which includes $649,000 drawn from working fund reserves and $466,069 drawn from classroom reserve.
The finance committee also will be presenting other motions tonight, including:
•approving the transfer of $4 million from the working funds reserve to the new Education Centre Renovation/Robert Moore demolition reserve;
•declaring F.H. Huffman School and property surplus, and proceed with the disposition through Ontario Regulation 444/98; and
•approving the Reinvestment in Student Achievement Report Year 2 with a commitment to withdraw from the reserve for classroom $236,069 in 2010-11, with a
possible extension and additional reserve withdrawal in 2011-12 upon review for Later Literacy education assistants, a Student Success coach, and professional collaboration sites.
Also at tonight’s meeting, which gets underway at 7 p.m., will be recommendations from the school naming committee that the board designate the primary wing of the new Robert Moore School as the F.H. Huffman Wing, and that the library and circle room of the new school be named “Nibwaakaawin,” which means “wisdom” in Ojibwe.
Also to be presented this evening are the annual recognitions for 25 years of service by volunteers and the bus drivers of the year award.
With F.H. Huffman School being closed later this month, it also will be presented with a recognition of excellence for its 55 years of serving the community.
Finally, this year’s winner of the district speech contest, Sophie Potvin-Begin, will present her winning speech, “Canadian Stereotypes,” for the board.