Board gathers input on Gr. 7/8 student move

Ken Kellar

The Rainy River District School Board (RRDSB) is currently in the process of determining whether or not the Grade 7 and 8 students from Robert Moore school will join their peers at Fort Frances High School (FFHS).

The School Attendance Zone Review Committee held a public consultation Tuesday evening at the FFHS library.

The consultation was a required part of the attendance zone review.

Allan McManaman, who is the chair of the attendance zone committee, led the meeting and offered parents a space to voice their questions and concerns about the students possibly moving to Fort High.

McManaman explained the decision behind the board looking into moving the students as a matter of shifting space requirements both at Fort High and Robert Moore schools.

“When we’re looking at the space in Fort Frances High School, there is a reasonable amount of space for us to move (Grade) 7 and 8s from Robert Moore over,” McManaman said.

“Robert Moore is a large school, and if we move the (Grade) 7/8s over, that opens the door to us to work with District Social Services Administration Board and our day care provider, because we need space for our children in our district,” he added.

Committee member and FFHS vice-principal Bill Daley also reviewed the Q-and-A that the committee compiled and posted to the RRDSB website that addressed the most common questions gathered over the course of the consultation process.

McManaman assured parents that no pre-emptive decision had been made, and that part of the process of the attendance zone review is to collect all the available information and parent opinion before it is made into a report to present to the school board.

The board will then make the final decision on whether the move will proceed.

Anyone still wanting to voice their concerns or questions to the committee must leave their feedback on the RRDSB website by next Tuesday (April 16).