Board committed to safe schools

In response to the incident that occurred last week, the Rainy River District School Board would like to reassure students, parents, and community members that a safe and respectful learning and teaching environment is paramount.
The board is very concerned about the respect and value of all cultures within its system.
As a result, the board has been in touch with the Chief’s Secretariat and is working with them to seek a resolution to this situation.
Meetings with First Nation students, parents, and community leaders have taken place throughout the week.
Fort Frances High School students and staff are continuing to dialogue on ways to provide support and a voice for all students, such as the re-establishment of the Aboriginal Youth Council.
As well, Fort Frances High School, with the assistance of the OPP, Treaty Three Police, and community agencies, are working together to provide a safe and supported learning environment for all students.
The board is committed to working with our aboriginal partners to move forward to ensure all students, staff, and stakeholders are respected and valued.