‘Blue box’ pick-up to go bi-weekly

Town council has agreed to change the “blue box” schedule to align it with residential garbage pick-up—but only have it picked up on a bi-weekly basis—for a threemonth trial basis starting in January.
The changes—made after Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown delivered a report at last night’s council meeting—also mean no recyclables will be collected on statutory holidays, as they have in the past.
Other changes will see residents of apartment buildings (multi-residential properties) switch to an individual “blue box” system as opposed to using communal bins for recyclables.
This means residents of those buildings will have to get their own “blue boxes,” sort their own recyclables, and take those “blue boxes” to the curb for pick-up just like other residents.
Currently, “blue box” loads are picked up on the same day every week for different areas of town, and not necessarily on the same day as garbage pick-up (the latter schedule already is affected by statutory holidays).
Brown said the changes were made to be more cost-efficient and to make it easier for residents to remember when to put out their “blue boxes.”^Also at last night’s meeting, council:
•agreed to a request from the Alzheimer Society of Kenora-Rainy River Districts to proclaim January, 2004 as “National Alzheimer Awareness Month”;
•received an invoice from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for the membership fee from April 1, 2004-March 31, 2005 (at a cost of $998.02), and referred it to the Administration and Finance executive committee for a recommendation;
•referred a request for financial support from the Rainy River District Music Festival Association to the Administration and Finance executive committee for a recommendation;
•referred a letter of concern from resident Melvin Haukaas regarding damage to floating docks to the Community Services executive committee for a recommendation;
•deferred a request from the Rainy River District Municipal Association for nominees to various committees at its annual general meeting to be held Jan. 31 in Devlin to the Dec. 15 council meeting; and
•expressed interest in an invitation from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario to participate in the Effective Municipal Councillor Program, and agreed to let administration facilitate the matter from here on.