Blood clinic exceeds target yet again

District residents have come through once again for the Canadian Blood Services donor clinic at Fort High yesterday and Wednesday.
CBS community development co-ordinator Harvey Heather reported this morning that yesterday’s clinic attracted 217 donors, from which 193 units were collected.
Including Wednesday’s clinic, that brought the total collected to 331 units—38 more units than expected. A total of 371 donors came out for the two-day clinic, surpassing that quota of 357.
Of these donors, 51 had never given the “gift of life” before, noted Heather, adding that’s a positive sign either more people are realizing the importance of donating blood, there’s a new generation of donors growing up here, or both.
The two-day clinic exceeding its quota continues an encouraging trend as the previous three blood donor clinics here also did so.
Last April, donors gave 363 units of blood—23 more than the quota of 340. The September 2004 clinic exceeded the goal of 330 by 46. And in April of that year, a whopping 428 donors came out—easily beating the two-day quota of 358.
But before that, there had been a trend in which the blood drive generally fell short of its quota. In the fall of 2003, it fell 32 donations short while the spring clinic that year needed 50 more donors to meet its goal.
And in the fall of 2002, the blood drive missed its quota by 112 donations.