Big rig parking ban on Scott to be expanded

Duane Hicks

Heavy trucks won’t be able to park on Scott Street anymore.
Town council agreed last night to draft an amendment to the Traffic Control Bylaw 21/14 to prohibit the parking of heavy trucks on the 500-1200 blocks of Scott Street.
This came after a recommendation from the town’s Planning and Development executive committee.
The town had been receiving complaints from residents with regards to rigs parking on those blocks, bylaw enforcement officer Patrick Briere told the Times.
“They’re parking close to the intersections and blocking sight triangle views for the road,” he explained.
“With the snow right now and the banks being so high, with the trucks parking on the side on the road, it turns Scott Street into about a lane-and-a-half instead of two lanes of traffic,” added Briere.
“It’s kind of safety concern.”
The committee reviewed the issue and recommended amending the town’s traffic control bylaw.
Meanwhile, Briere said the town also will look at possibly changing the zoning bylaw to start allowing heavy trucks to use the Walmart and Canadian Tire lots to park–if the property owners permit them to do that.
“Right now, once we amend the bylaw, there’s not really a spot for the trucks to go besides the Peterbilts and those companies that currently allow them now,” he noted.
Heavy trucks already are prohibited from parking on the 100-400 blocks of Scott Street under the bylaw that governs the BIA area.
Also at last night’s meeting, council:

•referred a per capita funding request from the Rainy River Future Development Corp. to the Administration and Finance executive committee for its recommendation (the amount requested for 2017-18 is $55,685–$7 per capita based on a population of 7,955 as stated in the 2017 Association of Municipalities, Clerks & Treasurers directory);
•referred a letter from W. Derendorf, re: a contribution to the La Verendrye Parkway in honour of Bob and Dot Cupp, to the Operations and Facilities executive committee for its recommendation;
•authorized a 60-month direct replacement lease with Wilson’s for a Sharp MX-M654N digital photocopier for the town’s finance department;
•allowed municipal property at 200 McIrvine Rd. to be re-zoned from “Open Space” to “Institutional” for further development (council also passed the relevant amended bylaw);
•approved annual 2017 memberships to the Ontario Good Roads Association and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario;
•awarded the handi-van tender (#16-CS-16) to Crestline Coach Ltd. for $86,085.45 (tax included); and
•allowed Bylaw 16/04 to be amended, which will correct address and legal descriptions for the property located at 941 McKenzie Ave. N.